Michigan Medical Marijuana Program Up 53% In Two Years

New statistics released by Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs put final numbers on the state medical marijuana program participants: 182,091 patients and 34,269 caregivers are currently enrolled.

A pair of reports were issued on January 4, 2016, containing the enrollment and expense figures for Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Program (MMP). The MMP took in $7,091,550 from patient and caregiver registration fees, and spent $3,872,590 in administering the program during Fiscal Year 2015.

This is the first completely accurate reporting of patient and caregiver numbers in two years. A legislative change turned the MMP from a single year registry program to a two-year registration period, starting in 2013. The 2014 patient registration report showed  96,408 patient registrants in FY 2014.

Similarly, the document issued by LARA on November 30, 2015 titled, ‘Michigan Medical Marihuana Act Registry ID Cars Issued And Renewed By County For Fiscal Year 2015- contained data for only 2015 registrants. It listed the number of patients registering and renewing during FY 2015 as 84,785.

These documents published by LARA were each only a single year tally in a two year program. The LARA document from January 4, 2016, ‘Medical Marihuana Act Statistical Report For Fiscal Year 2015- shows the total program enrollment.

Compared to the last total enrollment figure available from the MMP, 2013, the patient population has grown by 63,000 members. That is an increase of 53.83% over two years.

Caregiver numbers have increased by 27% over that same period, from 27,046 in 2013 to 34,269 in 2015. The number of physicians certifying patients to use medicinal cannabis has been steady for three years in a row, hovering between 1,400 – 1,500 per year.

Counties with the greatest patient populations include Wayne (25,949), Oakland (18,656), Macomb (15,012) and Genesee (12,647), in that order.

Michigan Medical Marihuana Act – Program Information and Financial Data (FY 2015)


Source: The Compassion Chronicles